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I was a smoker for 23 years and never thought I could quit after trying everything from gum to pills and patches. I had seen the E-cigs in gas stations and bought some and they tasted terrible and even made my teeth hurt, needless to say I did not quit with them. One day a friend at work had an EGO-T and told me about Wicked E-Cigs and how great their plan was and how great their juice tasted and how they even had a relaxant to calm my nerves while I was going off of cigarettes. I thought to myself that it sounded and looked much better than what I had already tried and failed. At this point I was sold because if my co- worker could quit, I could too. The next day I called them and they got me on a plan to quit; I got an EGO-C and the Nobacco soft 24 mg their organic blueberry 18 mg and a 20 ml bottle of the relaxant. I did not smoke one more cigarette, thanks to the correct nicotine dosage for me and the relaxant to calm my nerves; I was quit completely, FINALLY!! I still use the blueberry every once in a while when I am done with dinner or just when I feel a craving. I use the relaxant still to this day and buddy let me tell ya it really works!! I recommend any smoker to Wicked E-Cigs three times over and thankful as can be for the service and real care to see me quit. Thank you guys at Wicked Thank you!!! Bobby


Welcome to Wicked E-Cigs

Wicked E-Cigs is a family owned Electronic Cigarette and E-Juice retailer and manufacturer. We sell top quality products and approximately, three quarters of our products are made in the U.S.A. All of our juice is made in the heart of our great country; which is near St. Louis Missouri. Our NO MORE SMOKING PLAN is an effective and pleasant way to quit smoking, or just to switch to vaping. Our relaxant helps the nerves to calm while withdrawing from the 3,000 + chemicals in traditional cigarettes. According to many doctors, it is said that for the average person nicotine is no more harmful than caffeine; it is however, the tar and the toxic chemicals in cigarettes that kills.

Wicked E-Cigs is most grateful for all of our customers, who has in many cases, grown to be as close as family. We offer a great warranty and impeccable customer service. Welcome to the Wicked family, and please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Thank You from, The Wicked Family